6615 Clingan Road
Poland, Oh 44514 
    Family Practice

       Suite A  (330) 757-7211

Suite C (330) 757-7888

         Michael B. Evan, M.D.  Arthur W. Duran, D.O.
         Michael L. Black, M.D.  Sandy P. Naples, D.O.
         Michael J. O'Brien Jr., M.D.   Walter J. Passarello, D.O.
         Matthew G. Gugliotti, M.D.  Nino C. Rubino, M.D.
     Orthopedics (330) 729-9910   

        James N. Pantelakis, M.D.            Timothy Domer, D.O.            Robert J. Cuttica, M.D.
    Other Services Provided
        Physical Therapy
        Poland Imaging Radiology
        Medicine Place Pharmacy

   for our patients

Sat/Sun 9am - 12pm

Call 330-757-7888
(Sick Visits Only Please)

Office CLOSED 
 Friday, July 3, 2015

Normal weekend hours  on 
July 4th and 5th 

Happy 4th of July!